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Dirty Sexy Wednesdays @ MinkWed, 07/18/2012 – 9:00pm - Thu, 07/19/2012 – 4:00am 3 Free drinks for the ladies + free entry 11pm – 1am
Social Wednesday @ AvalonWed, 07/18/2012 – 9:00pm - Thu, 07/19/2012 – 4:00am Free entry for the ladies! Free flow vodka & beer for the ladies (till 1am) Free flow Beer for the gentlemen (till midnight)
Guilty Desires @ AtticaWed, 07/18/2012 – 9:00pm - Thu, 07/19/2012 – 4:00am Ladies enjoy complimentary glasses of Champagne Rose OR Housepours before 12AM on Attica’s Ladies Night, Guilty Desires
Lollipop Wednesdays OVERHAUL @ The Butter FactoryWed, 07/18/2012 – 9:00pm - Thu, 07/19/2012 – 4:00am All Ladies enjoy, Free entry Complimentary drink Beauty, Hair & Fashion Products & Vouchers!
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Friday 20th Jul 2012 - Saturday 21st Jul 2012
KYAU & ALBERT (GER), STONEFACE & TERMINAL (GER) @AvalonFri, 07/20/2012 – 9:00pm - Sat, 07/21/2012 – 4:00am Ralph Kyau and Steven Moebius Albert are known to the EDM world as Kyau & Albert. The two Germans have produced such massive club hits like “Made Of Sun”, “Velvet Morning”, “Walk Down”, “Kiksu…
Saturday 21st Jul 2012 - Sunday 22nd Jul 2012
Mat Zo – UK @ Zouk ClubSat, 07/21/2012 – 10:00pm - Sun, 07/22/2012 – 4:00am $28/35 including 2 drinks
Friday 27th Jul 2012 - Saturday 28th Jul 2012
BT (US) @ AvalonFri, 07/27/2012 – 9:00pm - Sat, 07/28/2012 – 4:00am Composer and technologist BT is one of the most cutting-edge artists and producers for a dizzying array of musical styles. Whether composing intricate scores for blockbuster films such as Fast and…
Saturday 28th Jul 2012 - Sunday 29th Jul 2012
Eddie Halliwell – UK @ Zouk ClubSat, 07/28/2012 – 10:00pm - Sun, 07/29/2012 – 4:00am $28/35 Including 2 drinks

The car runs short mileage – New Taxes in SG

benzinmaalerIn practice, very few car owners obtain the fuel consumption are anticipated for the car. Fuel consumption is determined under favorable conditions in a test laboratory. Most may learn to drive further on less fuel.

When a car to be type-set fuel consumption of an independent testing laboratory. The big car manufacturers also stand the test. The test is put together such that it corresponds to a driving pattern that consists of urban, rural and highway driving. It takes place in a so-called scroller to ensure measurement can be made repeatedly and achieve the same result with new diving schools found on http://topkøreskoler.dk.

The big difference when car factories is much better to run good mileage than most car owners, largely thanks to the the car tested under favorable conditions. The test starts at +20 degrees, there is only one person in the car, a large part of the car’s functions are turned off (lights, air con, seat heater, etc.), The tires are the minimum and so on. Read the entire article by motor journalist Soren W. Rasmussen : DOWNLOAD ARTICLES: why driving your car for short mileage longer mileage.

Although you should not expect to run just as good mileage, such as car manufacturers the prospect that you can use these tips to improve your current fuel consumption. Avoid short trips and idling Bring quickly the car up to speed (but do not step accelerator pedal fully depressed). Then run in the highest possible gear at low speed High gear – drive in the highest gear Use engine braking Avoid braking unnecessarily – look forward traffic Check tire pressure – low pressure costing more fuel Only use air conditioning, seat heater, etc., When necessary Avoid extra weight and extra wind resistance shift gears after tachometer careful on the road and keep it constant. Top Køreskoler in Denmark could be an inspiration for SG driving schools.

voucher scheme
Voucher scheme means that you can get a driving disqualification or be imposed a driving ban if you repeatedly violate certain provisions of the Road Traffic Act, resulting clip. This applies regardless of whether the violations committed by several different runs, collectively driving course or in the same situation.

Top driving license schools in SG

How many clips must be to
If within a period of three years commits 3 clips relevant offenses with the vehicle or large moped, you will in the clip no. 3 have a conditional disqualification from driving. If you make 6 clips relevant offenses within a period of 3 years, you will get an unconditional disqualification from driving in connection with clips n. 6.

If the violations are committed within the first 3 years after you obtained the right to drive the first time, you will already have a driving ban in the clip no. 2, and an absolute disqualification from driving in connection with clips n. 4.

You can read more about driving disqualifications and bans elsewhere on this site.

Carpentry and joinery: Build the woman of your dream a beautiful house


Our carpentry and joinery department Requirements Engineering with all kinds of tasks.
We are very experienced and talented, dedicated employees who regularly
supplementary training, so they are equipped to new creative tasks in carpentry and joinery.

We perform both lots, partial or total contracts and take pride in that sevicere our customers successful and solid craftsmanship solutions.

Our clientele is a wide range of private individuals and corporate clients, but also counts housing as well as the public sector. Therefore, we have experience with an incredible array of projects Inside carpentry and joinery. It gives us a great knowledge that we always use when we start on new projects and when we cooperate with new and returning customers.

Geographically we cover the whole of Denmark, so no matter where in the country you need carpentry, then Bent Jensen A / S a secure partner consistently perform solid and well thought out solutions.

We carry all types of housing, carpentry, exterior insulation and building renovation. In addition we have our own machine shop, where we manufactures doors and windows of all types of wood according to your wishes.

What you need to impress your woman

No job is too small – no job is too big. Craft Aid turn out when I need it. We take a chat about your needs and provides solutions to suit the budget – and with a schedule that lasts.

We perform all tasks that it was in our own homes, we were in time, and therefore, emphasis is also great emphasis on the small details, the solid workmanship and the nice aesthetic finish.

The company was founded in 1957 and we attend throughout the North Jutland region. We have many good partners which means that we can tackle all issues ranging from the airy idea phase to the finished building is ready for occupancy more on dansketømrer.dk.

We can offer versatile carpenter work for new buildings, extensions or renovations in all corners of the house. The possibilities are endless – We can get your ideas into reality.

The objective of the cabinetmaker Niels Ginnerskov is to emerge as a quality conscious company that performs tasks in traditional carpentry and joinery work, additions, kitchen renovations, new buildings, etc.

Propeller Service, altering the increase, weld repairs. Special Welding of stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze castings. Other good carpenters in Singapore.

Meier timber has since 1975 delivered solid products tailored to customer needs. Guaranteeing first-class carpenter work is also Kim Iwersen of which took Meier timber 2005.

We are a bricklayer carpenter and contractor company working with all kinds of construction projects. All in earthworks, sewerage, concrete, pavers and, masonry and carpentry work performed for private-, commercial and government customers.

Call for a quote .. Please visit our new website for inspiration and more info. We deal with virtually all types of carpentry / joinery, including .: Renovation, Nybyg, Outbuildings, Doors / windows, Hardwood Floors and more. Best carpenter quality found on http://dansketømrer.dk

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Alan and valentina getting married


Tinder the new Trend setter

tinder dating


Available for iPhone and Android phones, Tinder positioned itself as one of the applications of the moment, ideal for those who are in search of new friends and, why not, to start a new relationship. Be just to pass the time or for a more lasting bond, the fact is that this mobile platform based on profiles that users are on Facebook, boasts of establishing more than 10 million pairs per day.

In turn, he had his moment of fame during the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, reporting an increase of 400 percent in the use of the application. However, Justin Mateen, cofounder of Tinder, believes that the platform is for much more than making appointments, and are seeking to give more features for less awkward social interaction once a match between two users occurs Tinder. More info on the whole tinder pick up area on tindersmooth.com.

“Many use it to make appointments, but we think Tinder is for much more than that: we also want to be able to start new friendships, business relationships and Facebook started as a university network, and managed to go beyond that.” Mateen gave in an interview with the InfoTechnology site. Where do you find you material? I found some great lines for men on tindersmooth.com

Can Tinder overcome the tag of being just a former partners? For now, Mateen said the company is focused on improving the service, with the goal of getting to go public at some point. In turn, the executive said that in Argentina there are about 400,000 users Tinder and that the greatest regional growth as did Brazil, which added more than a million new members in two months.

Much of searches are usually given in the main urban centers, said meanwhile Zonacitas.com dating site with 800,000 users. Buenos Aires is one of the outstanding examples, where more than 50 percent of people who are not a couple.

Changed by stiletto sandals shoes, high gloss lips were covered, and leather jackets became. After the costume change in 30 seconds, they were ready for their appointments at the modeling agency on the ground floor. The same girl, two very different people.

After a short elevator ride, while attending a meeting of a group of executives Tinder, it became clear that the rapid change that had seen below, although unrelated to Tidner, however much emparentaba with what was happening here. What dress, along with other visual cues posing in their photographs, can mean many different things about people.

And Tinder believed that these signs are the key to online dating.

In the two years since it began operating Tinder, application for smartphones has exploded, processing more than one billion finger swipes left and right every day (to right means someone “likes” on the left means that no ) and connecting more than 12 million people in the same period, according to the company. Tinder did not disclose the exact number of people using the service, saying it is on par with other social networks operating for two years. But a person with knowledge of the situation told me that at 50 million active users is fast approaching.

It’s shocking how Tinder traps people. The company said that on average, people use the application 11 times a day. Women spend up to 8.5 minutes dragging your finger left and right per session; 7.2 minutes men. All this can add 90 minutes a day.

While conventional online dating sites have been around longer, do not approach the popularity of Tinder. Scientists and relations specialists who study suggest that online dating is not what Tinder is doing well, but rather what previous dating sites have done wrong.

Services like eHarmony, Match.com OKCupid and have proclaimed that their algorithms allow them to calculate the true love, or mathematical equations could somehow pick two strangers who would live happily together forever. That seems to be more fiction than fact.

All that really matters, according to scientific researchers at Northwestern University and the University of Illinois with whom I spoke, at least at the beginning of the relationship, is the appearance of a person. (Of course, these companies do not agree).

Before moose hands and proclaim that such a statement is indicative of the degenerate society today, what is happening in Tinder is actually much more complicated.

“When was the last time you walked into a bar and someone said, ‘Excuse me, can fill this form and we will find a couple here,'” said Sean Rad, founder and CEO of Tinder, referring to the questionnaires most dating sites. “That’s not how we think about meeting new people in real life”.