How To Eat Or Drink Turmeric In Singapore

Do you have Turmeric ingredients in your kitchen and wonder how to use it and mix it with all other elements? Or you’re thinking of some ways on how it does help you and your health conditions too? For you to know, Turmeric has been used by most Asian people especially Indians to their favorite dishes and drink to add some spice to it and make their food tastes better for them. They have been combining a lot of recipes with Turmeric for many years from now. So if you wonder how you can benefit from it then you have to learn some tips and ideas on how you can create food and drinks out of Turmeric.

Cooked with the scrambled eggs

kurkumin in turmericWhen you cook eggs you may try some Turmeric powder and combine it with eggs and scrambled it. If your family is not so familiar with the Turmeric then this would be the best start to let them taste it with the fried eggs.
Roast with all other vegetables
You can also mix with other vegetables and roast it such as potatoes, root veggies and others for a nicer and unique color with good tastes.

Add your plain rice

When you want some unique and tasty looking rice in your table, why not try to mix your plain rice with Turmeric to be different?

Soup dish

Turmeric is the best ingredient for those who cook chicken soup and pasta recipes since its yellow color and texture blends with all other ingredients. The food would look more tasty and delicious. It’s really preferable to soup cuisine.

Make a Turmeric tea

If you want to take Turmeric as a drink then you may add hot water in it and drink it like a satisfying tea drink. You would love it more because of its soothing color.


Whether you mix Turmeric with the food that you eat or to the substance that you are going to drink, this plant is meant to be tested first or before you try to mix it with other solutions. You should know it better and have further information about its side effects and how it reacts to your body. Since you are going to intake it and your body receives its nutrients, it is also important that you ask first someone or a medical care provider to give you advice if it’s good to you or not or if it might cause serious problems instead.

There are a lot of means and methods to use in making turmeric as part of health, wellness or changes to your body but be sensitive enough about the uses and dosages of its Curcumin element.

You may try to mix it with suitable foods or drinks for a good taste but don’t consume something wherein you don’t follow a step by step procedure or else it would only lead to something worse that might harm you instead. Before experimenting ask some guidelines of those who experienced using Turmeric or kurkumin in another method.

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