SGBARS is the brainchild of two very idealistic individuals, who more often than not find themselves yearning for a drink, but are unaware of where to find one. Determined to prevent this trivial issue from developing into a possible epidemic, this undoubtedly altruistic pairing decided to put together a list of bars, clubs, lounges, restaurants and cafes, in a dauntless attempt to eliminate any problems that may isolate you from the drinks you so rightly deserve.

SGBARS is Singapore’s most comprehensive online bar guide. Our primary purpose is to provide you with a one-stop portal that allows you to locate any pub, club, bar, or virtually any alcohol-administering establishment in town with a simple click of the mouse. An auxiliary benefit would be to convene people from all walks of life, to share their experiences with each other, and to ultimately ameliorate Singapore’s nightlife. Our unique search function empowers you to filter your searches to perfectly accommodate your requirements, so that you are introduced to the best drinking deals within your preferred parameters.

There are practically a thousand different places to enjoy your nightlife in Singapore and it is our enduring pursuit to assemble an absolute directory that encompasses everything you need.

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